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Project Team

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Karen Miller, PhD

Karen Miller teaches history and American studies at LaGuardia Community College and the CUNY Graduate Center. She is the author of Managing Inequality: Northern Racial Liberalism in Interwar Detroit. She co-edited Prehistories of the War: A Critical Genealogy with Yumi Lee. Her article “Agents of the Settler State: Incarcerated Filipino Workers, Conjugal Migration, and Indigenous Dispossession” is forthcoming in American Quarterly. Professor Miller has been a coordinator or mentor for a number of NEH workshops with the following themes: “Border Lands, Border Waters,” “Global Cities,” “The Meanings of War: Its Technologies and Aftermaths,” and “Bridging Historias.”


Christopher Schmidt, PhD

Christopher Schmidt teaches English and Liberal Studies at LaGuardia Community College and The Graduate Center, CUNY. He is the author of The Poetics of Waste: Queer Excess in Stein, Ashbery, Schuyler, and Goldsmith, and the poetry collection The Next in Line. His recent research is on Brazilian environments and visual cultures, including the ecologies of landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx; Vik Muniz and the aesthetics of poverty; and artist Maria Tereza Alves’s site-specific research on transatlantic ballast plants, Seeds of Change. His writings have appeared in Fence, Bookforum, Boston Review, Massachusetts Review, Tin House, Postmodern Culture, ArtMargins, SubStance and Arizona Quarterly, among other venues. He has been a Co-PI on two previous NEH grants, “Global Cities: Cosmopolis and Diaspora” and “Border Lands, Border Waters.”


Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this program do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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